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Bongo Jobs

Even if you aren’t actively seeking a job, a better opportunity might come your way.

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Traditional job boards just don’t do the job anymore.

Employers are tired of wasting time sifting through piles of resumes searching for the needle in the haystack for every position. It’s far more efficient and faster to conduct targeted searches and find people in our extensive database. There’s no more waiting to see if you’ve been chosen. The opportunity is now and employers want to talk to prospects quickly.

With Bongo, the ball is in your court. Let the jobs come to you.

Create a free profile where your name and contact information remain anonymous while stating the type of job and salary you desire.

Receive confidential messages from employers that include the details of new job opportunities + salary. Then decide if you want to respond and learn more. Opt out at any time.

You won’t have to apply for jobs and then never hear back. Employers are already interested in you.

Bongo Jobs

Sign up today and get instant entrance into our monthly sweepstakes.

You are automatically eligible to win cash prizes each and every month while your profile is active.

(Takes less time than brushing your teeth.)



No Resumes! No Postings! No Headaches!

The best way to find new talent is not with an antiquated job board - it is with a Candidate Referral System - Bongo!

Our unique way of recognizing the candidate first results in a system that can get you great employees - like nothing else out there.

We built Bongo to make a connection between people and employers looking to fill jobs. To do this, we went back to our recruiting roots and redefined what a job board does (because they no longer work) - we created a "Candidate Referral System."

We want to make it simple for you to find employees. Times have changed and the way employers build a team will need to change. Our goal is to make “introductions.” We bring people into our database who are open to receiving job-related messages with the skills you need. You message them and let them know how to best connect with you and why they should. Remember - make it simple and have a conversation! Let’s remove the obstacles!

Bongo Jobs

Let’s change the way we look at job boards. Why create lengthy job postings and hope people read them and then respond? We removed that from the equation. Guess what - we also removed resumes! Why should someone be considered over someone else because they can create a better resume (or pay someone to do it)? Let's look at someone's interests, what they want to do, and their skill level. Let's start the conversation and find some awesome employees using Bongo!


Introductory Price - ONLY $1 per month and $4.00 for each message sent to a candidate


No long-term commitments

Bongo Jobs

Great for a company of any size

Join us now and help us shape the world of recruiting

with feedback and participation!

A candidate referral system is the new trend in recruitment started by BONGO!

No job postings to create

No resumes to review

No more reviewing tons of applicants responding to your postings

One simple profile is used to determine if you want to have further conversations

Conduct a simple search based on what the potential candidate is interested in doing and their skill level

Use our communication tool in the system for a message that gets a positive response

You’ll always know the desired salary before even reaching out

Our system is geared towards the candidate to encourage participation so you have top quality people to message

Cost-effective for companies of all sizes with low risk

Resumes and lengthy job postings can deter people from applying

We ask what a candidate wants to do and how good they are at that skill. Resumes don’t always show what someone wants - just what they have done

Our system removes any bias caused by resumes

Recruiters built this system and Recruiters use recruitment methods and gamification to bring people into our database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Bongo offers a new way to connect employers with potential candidates. We aim to put more control in the hands of the candidate and remove barriers. We want to help you get the conversation started.

Bongo was launched in 2022 by a couple of long-time Recruiters/HR Professionals who knew there was a better way (than a traditional job board). Therefore, we created a Candidate Referral System (CRS).

We are based in Rochester, NY. We are part of the RIT Venture Creations Incubator and an IdeaPros Partner.

Interested in learning more about the founders? Here is a quick video:

Contact us

Got questions? Let us know - we will be happy to help!

40 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Rochester, NY 14604

(585) 312-6843
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